jixX the captain

A landscape architect by profession, jixX is appointed spaceship captain of The Night Ripple for a dangerous space mission - possible as a result of mistaken identity, computer malfunction or human mischief.


twaX the carpenter

Has to practice his craft on wood substitute as there aren't any trees on Tenalp. Is also a terrible inventor.


anaX the gynaecologist

A beautiful, but mysterious woman who behaves very, very strangely throughout the mission.


fluX the behavioural chemist

Mad scientist (is there any other kind?), who speaks with a slightly dodgy foreign accent, and is trying to prove the existence of God.


LEP the ship's computer

Has a wit-box that is supposed to give it a sense of humour, although humour technology still has some way to go.


sylX the stowaway

A stowaway discovered on board The Night Ripple.



The first slimy green blob encountered by the crew of The Night Ripple. Offers to take them to his leader. Has applied to be a member of the highly exclusive Snob Blob Club.



Becomes convinced that Humans are The Ultimate Inferior Beings (aka The Dogs), and so must be destroyed before an ancient prophecy saying that The Dogs will destroy the Universe is fulfilled. Jeremy believes he is the Chosen One and it his Duty to do What is Wrong in order to do What is Right. For the Good of the Species. In the Light of the Dark.


The Benjaminites

A religious sect who believe in The Ultimate Inferior Beings and the Big Oops Moment (BOM) - a Destruction Myth concerning the end of the Universe.


Other characters

TOT - Transcendental Overlord of Tenalp: the planet's supreme ruler.
Mrs TOT - His not-very-bright wife.
Randolph - The leader of the Benjaminites.
Henry - The Benjaminites' token Dog. A deeply disturbed little alien.



Drawings of anaX, fluX and twaX by Gareth Naylor.