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16 June 2012 - Zigzag Timeline by M Fan

"Recommended for fans of science fiction comedy (such as the Hitchhiker series by Douglas Adams, The Cyberiad by Stanislaw Lem, and the Doctor Who series) and British humor."

20 Nov 2012 - Just Wondering blog by D L Morrese

"I highly recommend this odd little book to readers who like humorous science fiction, aren’t intimidated by a bit of mind-bending absurdity, and who are looking for something completely different."

30 Dec 2012 - Need to Read, Got to Read

"... an enjoyably good tale for any sci-fi lovers out there."

16 Jan 2013 - Tammy's Tea Time blog by Tammy Hall

"I enjoyed the comedy that ran rampant throughout the story."

17 May 2013 - Readers' Favorite by Jennifer Reinoehl

"... an enchanting science-fiction comedy ..."

22 May 2013 - BestChapLit by Eleanor Whalley

"I giggled happily from beginning to end."


10 Aug 2013 - Listen, Learn, Read by Kirill Degtyarenko

"If you like Douglas Adams, Monty Python and Red Dwarf, I am sure you will enjoy TUIB. Even if you hate all of those... you still should give TUIB a try."

5 Apr 2014 - Masquerade Crew review by Belinda F

"... a first rate read - funny, silly and clever."
  7 Sep 2014 - Online Book Club review by lnygaard

"It was a very clever and fun read."


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"Some Summer Reading - The Ultimate Inferior Beings by Mark Roman"

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